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Welcome! ALA Mission Statement

To serve the community by supporting individuals in their healing journey. 

By offering therapies that manages pain and dis-ease. 

By educating clients on how to cultivate a healthy lifestyle to support the internal healing process. 

By making space for clients to maintain a healthy, fulfilling and joyous life. 

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When I go to Amanda’s office I leave feeling like a new person. She is always professional and polite and makes sure you understand the treatment plan she has laid out for you. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to be a healthier and happier person.


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Individual menu plans

Emphasis on a plant-based diet 

Assessment of hydration, digestion, labs, sleep, metabolic function, supplement use, stress, and overall lifestyle

Natural and holistic health remedies 

Customized health plan


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Every massage is customized for the needs of the client. I integrate Swedish, myofascial release, stretching, polarity, shiatsu, and reflexology into every massage, depending on the health goals of the client.  For those who like deep pressure, I am now offering Ashiatsu floor massage.

Clients benefit greatly with the incorporation of Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization tools, hot stones, warm towels, therapeutic oils, aromatherapy, and cupping as an integrated part of therapy. Book your first massage to explore which of these therapies resonate with your health needs. 

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FSM is an effective modality in pain management.  Low amperage electrical currents (that cannot be felt) are conducted through the body. These currents are programed with specific frequencies for specific areas of the body and conditions. Specific frequencies have been found to potentially reduce inflammation, stimulate tissue repair, reduce pain and shorten the duration of shingle and herpes outbreaks. FSM can reduce the healing time from sports injuries, surgeries, and accidents. Practitioners must be trained and certified in the use of this equipment--which is not widely available.  I have certification, extensive training, and four years of incorporating this therapy with my clientele. 


Qest4 BioEnergetic Scanning

The Qest 4 is a bioresonance testing system that sends out energetic signatures from a test plate and measures the individuals response through electrodes. It is looking for areas of  disruption in energetic flow. Your body is an amazing creation and has the ability to restore, or heal itself. The information provided through testing can be used to assist the body in its natural healing process. By improving energy flow and bridging gaps and removing blockages.