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Bioenergetic testing

Qest 4 scans the life energy know as Chi or Qi. The human body has an energy system or network consisting of meridian lines that transport energy around our bodies. Blockages in the meridian lines can be cased from stress, diet, toxins, emotions, though or infection. During the bioenergetic scan the Qest4 sends out frequency signatures to identify blockages in these energy lines. Qest4 also send out frequencies to balance the disturbances in your Chi

Qest4 Technology

In physics all chemical and physical reactions are first preceded by an electric and magnetic reaction. The language of biochemistry is electric and magnetic! Every molecule, substance, emotion and thought has a specific electric and magnetic field that it emits called a frequency signature. The Qest4 sends out frequency signatures and measures what resonates with that signature. Qest4 is an extensive database that contains over 60,000 frequency signatures.

Amanda's Lifestyle Academy and Qest4

The beautiful thing about the Qest4 technology is that it can suggest remedies or therapies that will balance your energy and help you achieve wellness. We use the scans produced by Qest4, as well as an extensive knowledge in nutrition and holistic medicine, to make suggestions of the optimal therapies and supplements to support you on your healing journey. 

Amanda's Lifestyle Academy is the only practice that has Frequent Specific Microcurrents (FSM) programmed into the Qest4 scanner. Using the Qest4 technology we generate the best possible microcurrent protocols to promote healing and lighten the burden of our clients pain.

Qest 4 Informational Video